Welcome to Sun Muse. We make pieces that connect you to a Time, a Place, a Moment. View the World in a different light with us.

Designed to be worn, and re-worn and re-worn again... A Thousand Times Over.

Discover Sun Muse's First Jewell Capsule – Designed to provide you with a timeless, effortlessly elevated mini-statement moment.

Created for mixing and matching, allowing you to explore Your Own Way of Being.

Embrace the versatility and elegance that define Sun Muse, where each piece tells a true sense of Freedom and Femininity.

Created For The Muse In You.

Pieces That Pay Homage to Now, and Forever.

Sun Muse was born with the intent to inspire, empower and embody Femininity and Freedom.

Designed in Sydney, we create timeless pieces that transcend seasons and exude classic and minimalist style, specifically tailored for the Dreamer in You.


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Created For The Muse In You.